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Your Most Valuable Possession
July 19, 2019
Create Space for Joy
August 22, 2019
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Allow Joy to Uplift You

Allow Joy to Lift You

“Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Have you ever discovered hidden treasure in your pocket, the glove compartment, or the dryer? What a delight it is to find a 20.00-dollar bill, that missing favorite sock, or the cherished necklace a beloved one gifted you!

During a deeper reflection, you realize the moments of great joy in your life often involve other human beings, loving interactions, those experiences of seeing the beauty and goodness in another. Have you been listening for the treasures in other people in your life? Sometimes they don’t fully embrace their multi-faceted capacities. You can become the gift seer, the guide to the goodness they sometimes struggle to see in themselves.

To hear the pure joy and clarity in my son’s voice when he calls me from LA is like no other experience. He and I lived pain, heartbreaking hurts, and hellishly terrifying life on the brink experiences together. His unfolding story of transformation continues to be one that brings many tears of gratitude. As his mom, I am the holder of his goodness, his wholeness, and the essential nature of his personality. The stories of the joy and fears of intuitively knowing a boy grew in my womb, his birth, and life as a baby, toddler, boy, young teenager have embedded themselves in my soul. His gifted and talented intellect match his empathy, sensitive nature, and compassion. And yet, he took himself to dark places that I could not fathom.

Do you have the capacity to see and hold people’s light even when they’ve shrouded themselves in darkness, denial, and disgust? Even when they have uttered pain-filled words and committed thoughtless deeds? Are there people in your life who believe in you on your worst days, during the dark nights of your life?

 Every single person on your life path who sees your light, who has forgiven your mistakes and miscues, and believes that you matter deserves your profound gratitude. These precious ones hold you high even when you can barely pull yourself out of the latest muddy ditch.

You may, at times, struggle to see yourself through their eyes and yet, they keep beaming love and luminous light your way. Their warm hands reach out to hold yours; their arms pull you in for a big hug. These precious individuals may have lived in the background of your life as you grew up. You may barely know they cheer for you even today. They model what you now can do for yourself as well as ways to generously give to others.

The benefits of emptying out the detritus inside your heart allows you to be fully present with the wholeness of others, their unspoken hurts, spoken joys, and undistinguished or pooh poohed gifts. With softer eyes and a heart full of compassion you can begin to see beauty everywhere in people you meet.  Your expanding capacity for paying attention to the astonishing multiple talents in those you encounter opens the door to appreciating and holding an unwavering stand for their meaningful lives.  You want others to thrive. You want them to wake up filled with a deeper appreciation of the life they get to live.   

May you use your life energy every day going forward to honor these beloved ones by creating a life you love living, in gratitude, in honor of these individuals who remain genuine treasures in your life. May you extend this grace, compassion, and joy in being alive to the next person you meet.  May you give the unexpected gift of kindness from your beautiful, humble heart.

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