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Create Shifts in Your Space and Life Today: Become the Change You Wish to Live





Today I spoke with a woman, who realized that she has hidden clutter that serves as a metaphor for the hidden treasures inside of her. She plans to repurpose many of the actual items hidden in drawers and closets in the next two months. She experienced that “AHA” moment of realizing that she can become more visible and connected to community as someone committed to people’s physical well being. She hadn’t kept this a secret from others, but she also has not shared these gifts with others in an intentional and expansive way. She now has an opportunity to do so with confidence, clarity, and joy.


This continues to be the inner and outer beauty of engaging with feng shui wisdom, which invites us to see the dance between our inner lives, our spaces, and our experiences of living and interacting with others. It touches all domains of life including self-awareness, health, prosperity, creativity, relationships, love, and career.


You have an opportunity to create spaces that reflect who you are now, who you are becoming, and to anchor the essence of who you’ve always been at your core, your true self. There’s permission to shift any domain of your life and all rooms of your home and workspace including storage areas, basements, attics, and garages.


What is going on in your workspace or home right now? Does it support the person you are now? ? Does it reflect who you are becoming? Or does it pull you back to old days and what once was in ways that make you sad, disheartened or stuck?


I also received a call from another woman who shared that she released belongings and relocated to a new community. She is now creating a life full of joy with a different career trajectory and a new, vibrant, love relationship. She admitted that the letting go of belongings felt a bit unnerving at first, but then she felt the freedom in being, in living, in choosing different experiences and people. There was a bit of heartbreak along the way as there often is when we intentionally create shifts in our lives from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside.


I wish you the courage to let go. It takes bravery to trust the unknown with fewer belongings, to leave the past and even relationships that no longer support your highest and best self. Sometimes you cannot wait around for everyone you love to align with your new aspirations. You simply must walk through that door with all those books and sweaters to donate, breathe in the unknown wilderness of your new life, and discover there are many opportunities and welcoming others. You will be emboldened by your courage and resilience. You will become an example and inspiration to others. If you can do it, feel it, live it, you make this a possible pathway for many others in their time and in their way. You become the change you wish to live in your world. Greater freedom, peace, and beauty become yours to have and to hold from this day forward.



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