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Dreams Worth the Discomfort: Experiencing the Shift to a Happier New You

Dreams Worth the Discomfort

Experiencing the Inner Shift to a Happier New You



A friend recently wished me a “Happy New Year” and that if life threw some curve balls they would arrive more like “soft” balls—that I’d only be touched lightly by difficulties. These kind wishes touched my heart. This past year was one of the most stable I’ve had in awhile. I actually had unprecedented experiences of unshakeable strength, unwavering courage, and undeniable peace on the inside. Over my lifetime I’ve gained mastery in navigating traumas. I know how to crawl, squat, and then stand up and do 100 “Burpies” (an exercise involving push-ups and jumping). Yet, this past year taught me how to embrace dreams coming true from a core of safety in my cells. When you get crystal clear about what really matters, you will do what needs to be done including letting go of belongings that won’t fit on that moving van.


There’s a clear difference between a fight, flight, freeze reaction to life’s challenges and a trusting, adapting, calm responding to whatever may present itself on the journey. Years ago I attached to the thought that if I really transformed and evolved myself, human challenges would melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West after the bucket of water was thrown all over her body in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” This was magical thinking.


What I now embrace is this profound shift from terror, rage, and resentment reactions of old to an accepting, calmer, more grateful response when the unexpected shows up. The change began years ago. And fortunately lately, life’s difficulties have shown up in more mundane ways. Power outages keep occurring. A couple of weeks ago we had no consistent water flow through the pipes. Two days ago my significant other’s Jeep broke down. In each situation, I consciously looked for the good. My heart still pounded a bit and my toes curled in my shoes (still working on relaxing my feet), but I knew I was safe deep inside. It’s like my inner gremlins escaped leaving traces of thin, wispy, red exoskeletons. These gremlins freely roam the mountainside and look for scary bugs to eat. They might even head into town for crayons and paper to draw out their feelings.


Life still presents challenges and happenings filled with wonder, awe, and life-giving inspiration. What can alter is your inner being that sees and experiences them. Creating a life you love living, being 100 percent clear about what you really value, knowing in your bones why you are here on the planet, and who’s joining you on the dance floor allows you to meet the difficulties with strength, presence, compassion, and acceptance. The inner you transforms. You will do what needs to be done knowing each experience expands your ability to embrace and face the unknown future. As Michael Singer states it in The Untethered Soul, “You don’t feel as much anger, fear, or self-consciousness. You don’t feel resentment toward people. You don’t close or get tight as often. Things still happen that you don’t want to happen, but they don’t seem to touch you as much. They can’t reach back to where you are because you’ve drifted behind the part of you that reacts to things. There are actual experiences, not merely something you were told about. “


The discomfort doesn’t seem so uncomfortable when you are aligned with a heart-centered fulfilling purpose. Go to that place of your deepest desires, the dreams that need all the love you can give, and from that place you can move mountains, move to the mountains, happily climb mountains, and take your life wherever you want to grow.

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