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August 7, 2015
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Feng Shui Empowers Lives

Feng Shui Empowers Lives


For 15 years, I’ve used the practices and principles of feng shui. It’s an ongoing journey of being a student, a teacher, and a consultant. All the clients I’ve helped for more than a decade and the people who’ve come to a talk or a class share stories that inspire me.


The following snapshots may give you a window into the fulfillment this labor of love creates in the lives of people. These stories may help you understand the very practical and inspirational aspects of what some may view as a body of unfamiliar ideas:



  • A woman who came to a couple of my talks shared an inspiring story of emotional healing. She and her husband had created a space for the second child; it had everything you can imagine for a baby’s new room. Tragically, they could not have a second baby. She knew this room could be reused as an office, but she needed time to grieve. She also realized she couldn’t just load up these items and drop them off at a Goodwill or other charity. She needed to see the face and being of an expectant mom who would use and love these belongings. Usually there are strict rules about these matters, but she found a local organization that allowed her to have contact with the recipient. She and her son drove the brand-new baby items to the charity. A tearful, inspired gifting took place as she handed the mom-to-be clothes and belongings, and her son gave the expectant mom’s older boy toys for the new baby. This filled all their hearts with gratitude, a sense of connection, and healing.


  • A client and friend had several nature prints hanging in her home when one day it dawned on her that she really didn’t like being in natural settings; she prefers exploring urban environments. One of the cities she really loves visiting is New York City. It’s easily one of her top five favorite places. She realized she could take down the nature prints and display images of New York City in her home, and she did. These prints bring her such joy in her home and have inspired a handful of trips back to NYC!


  • A small business owner, during a consultation, became deeply awakened to the fact that her employees entered the building by way of the dumpster, a room air conditioner right above the doorway, and the “junk/storage” room. She also learned that the storage room was located in the corner of her business that is associated with prosperity, based on feng shui principles. She first cleared this room and created flow and balance by arranging other displays in her store for the optimal comfort of customers. Soon after, she moved her business to a new location where the employees’ entrance was as impeccable and inspiring as the customers’. Her business flourished.


  • A preschool associate director, during a consultation, realized the school could have a physical object to welcome people to the school along with the kind staff members. A bench had been donated by a family for the children to use. The staff gave the children permission to paint it, and it now stands proudly in the foyer of the school for everyone to enjoy and for children and their waiting families to sit on while they wait for classes to adjourn for the day. The bench brings smiles to many who enter this school, which is focused on children’s play and emotional and social wellbeing.
  • A woman in job transition applied for many jobs and networked, without the results she was hoping for. She decided to move a piano out of her home office and relocate her desk to have a view of the door. Her efforts to find a new job began to flourish, and she landed a great job. This ended up being a win-win for the entire family: Her children now play and enjoy the piano because it’s located in a room where it can be played, and the purpose of the home office has been restored to integrity.


  • An employee worked with her back to the door and turned around approximately 200 times a day. She suffered neck issues, stress on the job, and disgruntled feelings in her relationships outside of work. After a consultation, she placed a mirror on her desk to be able to see each person who came to her door or walked by. In short order, her neck issues resolved, she got promoted on her job, and her relationships outside of work transformed.


At its core, feng shui asks a simple question: What helps human beings to thrive in the physical spaces where they live, work, learn, eat, and play? Answering this question involves taking steps to clear and arrange spaces, and taking actions to land the new job, find the new home, or create a new life. Practicing feng shui does not provide guaranteed protection from the vagaries of life, such as floods, death, sewage backup, illness, job loss, or breakups. Instead, it’s an ongoing dialogue between our desires and the physical spaces we create—a dialogue that takes into account life’s challenges and joys, and in turn gives us empowering ways to respond to them.



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