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Create Space for Joy
August 22, 2019
Love Heals
October 3, 2019
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Get Your House in Order

Get Your House in Order

“Learn to live as though you are facing death at all times, and you’ll become bolder and more open. If you live life fully, you won’t have any last wishes. You will have lived them every moment.” -Michael Singer from The Untethered Soul

For some people, hearing “get your house in order” scares them as they think their death is imminent. And maybe it is. For others, they don’t clear their clutter-the belongings they don’t need, use, love- because they have the belief that if they do so, they will die. Well, here’s what I know. We are all going to die. And you might die right after clearing your clutter. And you might not. Is your space in harmony with your heart? Are you living in alignment from the inside out? Have you created a life that you love living and will enjoy for however many days you do have left? Is dying your greatest fear? Or is living full out with love bursting from your heart, gratitude exuding from your being, and joy dancing in your toes your greatest fear?

What I know is there are plenty of people who live vibrantly alive with very little clutter. Maybe you are one of those people! Some of those folks can be a bit uptight as they may not have gotten their hearts/souls clean and clear of past hurts/pains/insecurities/harsh criticisms. They don’t want you touching anything in their space. They’ve roped off the pristine living room. Others who live with little or no clutter have found great alignment in living clearer outside and inside of themselves. They may live to 105 years old or die in three days. We don’t know.

 I also have observed that some people who live with a lot of clutter have gotten stuck. For those who feel a bit stagnant in their lives, the clutter may have a suffocating impact. They may wonder why they feel “meh,” lifeless, numb, or already dead. People living in clear spaces may also have this challenge because the experience of life comes from the inside of you. The transformation can happen when you recognize death as your favorite teacher, that the most important shift takes place from your inner wakeful noticing of the miracle of being alive. And the belongings likely will outlive you.  

What if you really did have only a week to live? Would you shift your actions? Would you finally speak what your heart has wanted to say all your life? Would you stop complaining about the rain and feel excited to be getting soaking wet because it meant you were alive? Would you host a gratitude/give away party for all those unused belongings that could now be enjoyed by your neighbors, friends, and family who will go on living?  

I received a phone call two weeks ago that the owner is selling the property where I currently live. I may have to move from this beautiful house because the new owner may or may not lease the home. This uncertainty opens my heart to savoring all the moments in this space, to appreciate the funky black/white paisley wallpaper in the half bathroom and the dark baby poop brown on the walls of the dining and living room, the many windows that face the living artwork of trees, sky, mountains, birds, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, hummingbirds, and black bears.

I’m enjoying searching for a new place to live. There are friends convinced the Universe wants me to live in an even better space. I actually don’t know. Mostly, I’ve concluded that home remains inside the very core of my being, that awakened place that watches this lively movie of my life, that anticipates with curiosity the next adventure. Living amongst the mountains continues to nourish my soul. Every single day of my life now feels more precious than the one before. All the cells of my body/mind/heart/spirit understand that life is now, that I will leave this planet in the middle of the movie even though I want to see it to the very happy, beloved ones laughing, dancing, hugging, celebrating, singing in a field of sunflowers next to the mountains glorious ending.

Can you even imagine not being able to taste that first sip of coffee or tea or orange juice?  Can you imagine not being able to look into the eyes of your beloved ones, of hugging them, of telling them with your own voice, “I love you with all my heart!!”? Can you imagine not ever holding hands with the deliciousness of this life? What are you doing to savor each and every moment of your most precious, beautiful life?  

For me “get your house in order” is a wake up invitation to appreciate from the very core of your being as many moments of your life as you can, to celebrate that you have an abundance of belongings (for those of you who have this!) -that’s one way you chose to express a rich life, that you can take new actions in this moment to live like it matters, that you can breathe, that you can unburden your heart of all that never wanted to permanently reside there. And if you are so inspired, you can clear your physical space of all those items that belong in the hands of those who would really appreciate them. You can create your space to be an expression of the harmony that you feel in your heart. You can begin or continue a joyful release/expansion/dance of your inner and outer world because you want to live free, unburdened, awake, alive right now and for as many days as you are fortunate to be on this planet swirling through the galaxies.

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