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Inner Shifts Create Outer Opportunities: Surfing the Net of Change

Ah, the obstacles and the opportunities! Have you noticed that when you declare a shift for your business or life that what follows is a whole series or a handful of challenges to overcome? Its like God or Source or Universal Mind or My dead Grandma Hope says, Yey! She wants to clear away more things from her life to make room for even more meaningful and fulfilling experiences! Well, let’s play!

My latest challenge makes me laugh really hard. I declared 2019 to be the year of growth for Cherish Your World, to be my highest and best in love and service. My word of the year is freedom. For me this means freedom from the past and the freedom to be, to breathe, to grow.

After weeks of intermittent Internet service that seemed to happen when my laptop was in the mix, we discovered today that the problem is personal. Did you know that people’s energy fields can be strong enough to disrupt technology? Well, this wasn’t exactly the situation. I had moments convinced that recent internal shifts to greater joy and a deep reverence for life caused laptop interference. Not accurate. My laptop contains a poltergeist. My energy field did not source, cause, or intensify this problem.

When challenges appear in my life I look at them through the lens of feng shui wisdom. Belongings often come with stories, memories, and associations.

I received the MacBook Air as a Christmas gift 2013 instead of the anniversary ring I had asked for from my then husband. I’m forever grateful because I’ve chartered a new single life while launching Cherish Your World with this computer. I’ve written tips, blogs, articles, emails, and comments. I learned how to post photos I’ve taken. I’ve connected with many people here on LI and FB using this important and powerful tool. After years of being terrified of technology, I’ve shifted to a confident, trusting, receptive and willing student. It helps to have wonderful gurus in my network.

A ring would not have created these opportunities. When the marriage ended, I sold my wedding band to a jeweler at a fraction of its original value. Another ring sold would not have funded the purchase of a computer. Those monies might have purchased a couple delicious meals at a nice restaurant or a year supply of chocolate.

I am now faced with a choice: hire Ghost Busters or gifted Reiki Healers for the current machine or purchase a new computer. My gut, heart, mind, psyche, and soul cheer loudly for a new laptop and a clean break with the past.

I might someday be gifted a ring and throw a Living In Love & Gratitude Party. In the meantime, I will navigate this latest curve ball with humor, grace, and dignity. I’m thankful for those who created these machines that we utterly count on to serve us. I believe I’ve earned a higher degree in letting go, though the committee still debates this behind closed doors. I am ready to expand into a new brave world of this moment and the future.

The inner shifts lay the foundation for the outer shifts. In feng shui, technology breakdowns signal transformations. Electronics represent the fire element-in nature-the sunshine, in humans- warmth, welcome, emotions, enthusiasm, and passion. Perfection. I am a woman on fire with growing emotional intelligence ready to be supported by a laptop that can meet me at this next leap of faith, of growth, and flight. I will meet you at the rocket ship launch!

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