• Feng Shui Resources

    Recommended reading…

    Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui  |  Karen Kingston
    Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui  |  Karen Kingston
    Feng Shui and Money  |  Eric Shaffert, NY, NY
    Feng Shui for the Soul  |  Denise Linn
    Feng Shui Made Easy  |  William Spear
    The Healing House  |  Barbara Bannon Harwood
    Home Design with Feng Shui A-Z  |   Terah Kathryn Collins
    The I Ching or Book of Changes  |   Richard Wilhelm & Carey Baynes
    Make Room for Joy  |  Susan L. Colantuono
    Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life  |  Karen Rauch Carter
    Sacred Space  |  Denise Linn
    The Sensual Home  |  Isle Crawford
    Simple Abundance  |  Sarah Ban Breathnach
    The Western Guide to Feng Shui  |  Terah Kathryn Collins
    The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity  |   Terah Kathryn Collins
    The Western Guide to Feng Shui:  Room by Room  |  Terah Kathryn Collins

  • Feng Shui Resources

    For the inner journey…

    A Deep Breath of Life  |  Alan Cohen
    A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose  |  Eckhart Tolle
    A Return to Love  |  Marianne Williamson
    Abundance and Right Livelihood  |  Neale Donald Walsh
    Ask and It is Given  |  Esther & Jerry Hicks
    Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life you were Meant to Live  |  Martha Beck
    Inspiration:  Your Ultimate Calling  |  Wayne Dyer
    Practicing the Power of Now  |  Eckhart Tolle
    Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace  |  Wayne Dyer
    The “O” Magazine  |  The Oprah Winfrey Magazine
    The Power of Intention  |  Wayne Dyer
    The Power of Now  |  Eckhart Tolle
    Trust Your Vibes  |  Sonia Choquette
    You Can Heal Your Life  |  Louise Hay

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